Men With a Range Of Deadly Disease

Men come to the doctor when the disease is so serious that often end up with a higher mortality rate than women. While women are more sensitive to changes in her body so doctors can detect early disease and death rate. "Men tend to be more susceptible to age-related diseases. Soon attacked by the disease, men are more easily died than women. On the other hand, it seems women are more capable of handling the disease, so it tends to have higher levels of health than men," said Dr. Thomas Perls as reported by FoxNews

Men are less aware of the symptoms of health problems and more lazy to do a check to the doctor. Men are very concerned if he considered unhealthy will make it look so weak. 

Too black and white men assess their health problems, pain or not. Sick man is according to the table if you need surgery. 

Though ideally, if someone has concerns about his health so better get checked out. Postpone the examination can make the disease harder to treat.

10 diseases that kill the most men is :
1. heart disease 
2. cancer 
3. Injuries or accidents 
4. Stroke (cerebrovascular accident, CVA) 
5. COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) 
6. diabetes 
7. Influenza and Pneumonia 
8. suicide 
9. kidney disease 
10. Alzheimer's disease 

In addition to distance themselves from the unhealthy lifestyle behaviors such as sleep deprivation, smoking, drinking alcohol, antisocial behavior and drug use, there are good men are also routinely perform basic health checks such as: 

1. Blood sugar
2. Cholesterol
3. Blood pressure
4. Hemoglobin
5. Weight loss
6. Body fat
7. Urine tests

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