The wrong opinion about smoking

There are some circles who argued. here are some stories about smoking

My grandfather was a heavy smoker who can run out 2 packs a day clove (not the filter you know) and he died at the age of 76 years because heart disease. My grandfather who also smoke cigarettes only heavy died at the age of 65 years because hit truck. I also have a adoptive grandfather who is also a heavy smoker and died at the age of 95 years

sick with a fever (probably the world's old quota has run out). Smoking is an activity is unique and can only be felt enjoyment by people who do it. People who do not smoke will find it difficult to describe the joy of smoking. Most people who well into old age, general / majority are heavy smokers; this is the observation of a day that I saw in the field (especially in villages and rural areas). perhaps this which is a premature conclusion, namely, in the place / city of pollution which the air is very high and also high levels of stress which, it seems smoking is one tool to remove / eliminate the effects of pollution which enters the body / soul obsessive stress. As a result, If you would like a long life, like my grandfather and other people who sound until his old age, then you have the endurance to Smoke a very high body from various diseases (especially disease new)! Or you want to find out first how long your age in world who want to achieve? 50/60 years, 70/80 year, 90/100 years or even more?

This is the wrong opinion about smoking, a smoker's age and their health definitely disturbed. So make sure you stop smoking from now on and away from cigarettes.

off cigarettes before cigarettes kill you

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