Prevent cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is cancer that attacks the cervix or cervical area. Cancer is caused by a virus called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus can affect men or women who are sexually active.

how to prevent it is: avoid frequently changing sexual partners or sex under the age of 20 years, since the physical sex organs and all related to the new women mature at the age of 21 years. For women who have never had sex, or girls and boys who want immunized from the HPV virus attacks, can undergo HPV vaccination. HPV vaccine can be given from the age of 9-26 years, by maintaining a balanced diet and nutritious food, and live a healthy lifestyle

To detect the presence of HPV virus in the body that is a culprit of cervical cancer Pap smear tests can be performed. Consult your health practitioner. "Prevention is better than cure"