Why Women Love With a Bad Boy

It is clear, and no secret that men love affair, like lying and so forth, but why is she still interested in her. Maybe her face is quite handsome and sexy but a lot of painful female behavior. We will ask, what makes her stay interested in the man's stubborn.Are you a woman interested in men stubborn? Is like cheating and lying, but their style is smooth get away with it?Well, a study at the University of Texas at San Antonio can answer that question. The study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology explains, your hormones are the cause of it.Previous research said that while before ovulation, a woman would be interested in a stubborn man, like lying, and cheating on James Bond for example, Although until now there is no definite explanation of the cause of women want to have in the long run with a stubborn man, aka bad boy.As part of the study, a group of women, who are in a period of high and low fertility, are required to see the profile of the men are "sexy" or "responsible". They were then asked to describe how reliable the man as the father if they possess the child - such as shopping, cooking and cleaning.The results were surprising. The woman who was at the peak fertility cycle is more optimistic that the handsome and stubborn will contribute to family life, compared to women who are not ovulating.According to Jezebel, the findings are also supported by a second experiment in which women with different levels of fertility cycles are required to socialize with the actors who portray a reliable father or a bad looking guy.So in conclusion, women who are attracted to her ovulation stubborn man.Although these findings are interesting, whether the result will make women think twice about their relationship in the time of ovulation each month?

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