Successful mystery Stuttering Cause Found

During these people stuttering is often associated with the state of nervous, tense or anxious symptoms when it is already determined at birth. Researchers managed to solve the mystery of the cause of the disease which proved to be stuttering hereditary disease.
Three genes that cause a person to speak stuttering researchers found. The findings enable the development of new drugs that can be deadly gene. Approximately one percent of the world population known to experience a stutter in his life.
The study, led by American researchers from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) have found three genes of patients with stuttering in Pakistan, America and Britain.
For hundreds of years, the cause of stuttering has been a mystery among researchers and health experts. But with the discovery of these genes researchers believe can cure people with stuttering better.
"This is the first gene found to cause stuttering. With the discovery of this gene, three million Americans who suffer from stuttering can be cured," said Dr. James Battey, director of the NIDCD as reported by the Telegraph, Friday (12/2/2010).
Stuttering is a disorder in which a person speaks or extend repeating the words that interfere with the pronunciation of the sentence. Stuttering disease can disrupt a person's quality of life.
Researchers realized that stuttering is a hereditary disease because many sufferers know that came from one family. Usually children who suffer from stuttering since childhood, will grow into adults who stutter as well.
Results of analysis of the gene stutters 123 people from Pakistan, 270 American and 276 British show there are three types of gene mutations that cause a person's stuttering.
The gene is also associated with several metabolic diseases, but now researchers know how to disable the gene. A technique that can turn off the activity of these three genes will soon be present and people with stuttering can be cured without the need to do a less effective therapy.
People with stuttering therapy is carried out generally focused on eliminating anxiety, regulate breathing and increase the speed of talk using electronic.

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